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Are your Disinfectants and Cleaning Chemicals safe?

We always look out for our customers so we use 100% safe food grade and non-flammable products approved by the Ministry Of Health Malaysia.

Furthermore, we understand that some of you would like more information on our chemicals. Therefore, please feel free to Contact Us for the certification documentations.

Are all your prices fixed?

No. Some of our prices are fixed and can be found on our Pricing page. However, we provide further discounts for services done when the size, frequency, or hours are higher than usual. Therefore, Contact Us to get a quote.

How long must I wait before accessing a disinfected area?

We know that your time is essential. As a result, we have formulated our chemicals to work almost immediately and you may access the areas within 10 minutes of the process.

Will I receive an invoice for the services provided?

Definitely! We will issue an invoice and send it to you by email. The digital method is preferable as our Go Green initiative but we can issue a hard-copy upon request.

Are you a manufacturer of a cleaning/disinfecting product?

We are constantly looking for the best solutions for our clients. Hence, if you have something new and different to offer us; feel free to Contact Us with your proposal and what you have to offer. Moreover, our minds are always open to new possibilities and we look forward to work alongside like-minded companies and individuals.

Do you have more questions for us?

Contact Us for further assistance.


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